Fleet Street Elite

Oh biting night, oh grey and white,

Come dull the light, come quell delight.

In figure slight, in soul polite,

Your grasp is tight, your might is right.

Onward the fleet, onward the street,

Troops of elite, troops of deceit.

Defy the meet, defy the greet,

Remain discreet, remain downbeat.

Acclaimed magnate, acclaimed inmate,

Seldom donate, seldom pulsate.

Senses mutate, senses stagnate,

His greed innate, his love is hate.

This callous crew, this feral zoo,

To cease to moo, to break taboo.

Now scorn the view, now join the queue,

No shade no hue, no man but you.

A blood-stained thigh, a bloodshot eye,

Forever I, forever shy.

Descend the sky, descend from high,

The mournful sigh, the end is nigh.