Analyse and Evaluate

Begin with an introduction in which you state clearly your function.

Embracing convention is the primary intention, so avoiding first-person may curb excess introspection.

Systematically dissect the terms of the question, proceed with care to basic extrapolation.

Divide into paragraphs, coherent sections,

the thesis now flow with ruthless cohesion.

Primary source: corroboration

Secondary source; substantiation

Trigger words, citations, give credence to your humble opinions.

But be weary, my boy, when moving onto personal reflection; credit is awarded for facts, figures, fluency; not radical interpretation.

Analyse and Evaluate; Analyse and Evaluate

The hoops are in place, the bases sturdy, now leap young man through these rings of bureaucracy.

Foundations laid at infancy then hammered in incessantly - carefree children, gifted prodigy’s, crushed under the weight of anxiety.

One-hour exams sufficient scrutiny for thirteen months of painstaking study.

Intelligence deciphered supposedly through a rudimentary test of memory.

Suppress any compulsion towards creativity, the examiner seeks only lucid transparency.

And do refrain, dear boy, from use of fanciful hyperbole - before sublime one must first refine a comprehensive bibliography.

Analyse and Evaluate; Analyse and Evaluate