Seldom's A Word Seldom Said

Seldom does one say a word

more often written than is heard.

Seldom is there room for thought

before these musings are cut short.

Seldom do we seek a phrase

beneath the superficial glaze.

Seldom will our diction reach

the poignancy of pensive speech.

Seldom does discussion stray

away from cordial cliché.

Seldom will the social code

allow restraint to overload.

Seldom is man's endeavour

to voice pain instead of pleasure.

Seldom has he guts to speak

of that which may be read as weak.

Seldom breaks the golden rule

of greeting flaws with ridicule.

Seldom felt the confidence

aroused by just a compliment.

Seldom suffering is met

with empathetic interest.

Seldom seen sincerity

of symbiotic sympathy.

Seldom does one recognise

the tendency to generalise.

Seldom are notion’s spoken

without recourse to a token.

Seldom will man’s perception

break from binding preconception.

Seldom won’t the memories be

distorted by hyperbole.

Seldom does he dare to grant

the primacy of circumstance.

Seldom time to shift his frame

before assigning outright blame.

Seldom conscious of the fight

for his arbitrary right.

Seldom’s a word seldom said

best to just use rarely instead.