Ode To You, Milly Blue

I love you, I do, oh fair Milly Blue;

from the bar we met in Mitte

to the Malian settlement of Timbuktu.

Oh Milly, birth name Milly,

you with hair the deepest blue;

made your stage name, Milly Blue,

oh so lyrically


There you perched upon the stage

where you waited for a cue;

then your voice rang like a sirens

in a tune reserved for few.

To the deckhands down below

who each assembled as your crew;

came the grunts of adulation

as their phalluses


From your tie-dye patterned poncho

hanging low to a sockless shoe;

you were a kaleidoscopic dreamcatcher

a goddess to pursue.

So upon your parting note

I seized a chat-up chance to woo;

asking “What are your thoughts on exotic birds?

‘Cause I’d imagine you like a


“Fuck you!” you responded in an unforeseen breakthrough.

How dare you sully me as

an object to screw!

You assume that I’ll conform to

your narcissistic worldview?

That I’d politely smile and chew on

this misogynistic residue?

You must have absolutely no clue

about what us women go through.

Allow me to indulge you

in a much needed overview:

You see, the patriarchy is a power almighty

kindred to your male God,


He is infinite in His holiness,

insidious in His pervasiveness;

from a fire man and an air host ess

to a spate of rape across a college campus.

For man kind does He represent

a genetic and social entitlement;

trickled down from government to parent

through centuries of endorsed harassment.

He ensures our underrepresentation

in each of His ordained institutions;

banishes us to the kitchen with orders to

‘Think about the children!’

He manipulates our chemicals,

mutilates our genitals;

domesticates us with catcalls

akin to fucking animals!

He denies our basic rights,

mocks our daily plights;

then trembles at the sight of blood

every other fucking fortnight!

Claims to be ‘in-the-know’,

that He ‘derides the status quo’;

then whips out His cock and wanks it off

to another gang bang porno!

So no, fuck you,

fuck you and your cockatoo.

It’s the same old shit that

all you sleazy cunts are into!

Now I'll bid you adieu

with a bark and a moo;

and as I’m walking away

I hope you get a