Fireworks In Sky

fireworks in sky

grown ups buy and children cry

lovers kissed and singles pissed

clouded in sulphuric mist

That one bangs

That one flutters

That one clangs

That one stutters

timmy impersonates gunslinger

blows off thumb and forefinger

medic on hand with bucket of ice

told him to follow safety advice

That one green

That one yellow

That one yellowy-green

That one greeny-yellow

sausage served in sodden bun

tens of prizes to be won

catherine wheeling round on axis

gleams of sparks and burning taxes

That one bright

That one dim

That one tight

That one grim

mud all over grandad’s suede

vera’s forgotten hearing aid

bobby’s glued to bloody phone

next time leave the cunt at home

That one roars

That one silent

That one soars

That one violent

sky now painted polychrome prism

fusing every shade and schism

waltz in step without collision

still looks better on television